Securing Your Legacy: Estate Planning and Family Philanthropy

The USHMM Planned Giving Office presents Securing Your Legacy: Estate Planning and Family Philanthropy, a webinar co-hosted by Bernstein Private Wealth Management, which was recorded live on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

This webinar focuses on estate planning and deferred giving strategies you can implement to support your philanthropic endeavors, as well as ways you can share and manage your philanthropy with your family. Joe Brodecki, a Principal and Senior Investment Advisor at Bernstein, leads a discussion with his colleague, Anne Bucciarelli, Bernstein's National Director of Philanthropy and Family Engagement, and Jeffrey Kolender, JD, the head of the Trusts & Estates practice at Paley Rothman, Bethesda, MD, in which they talk through these important issues and share best practices. We are also honored to have been joined by the Museum’s National Legacy of Light Society Chair, Judith E. Fagin, Sarasota, FL, who shared firsthand her experience in supporting the Holocaust Museum. We hope that you find the featured panelists engaging and knowledgeable and that the information proves helpful to you and your family as you consider your estate planning needs.

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