Be a Part of the Museum’s Future: The 30th Anniversary Lazowski Family Legacy Challenge

Rabbi Philip and Ruth Lazowski survived the Nazi occupation of Poland. The memory of what they endured—along with so many others—is kept alive at the United States Holocaust Museum.

In anticipation of the Museum’s 30th anniversary in 2023, and in honor of Rabbi Philip and Ruth Lazowski, the Lazowski family is challenging each of us to make a gift to secure the Museum’s future and safeguard truth for generations to come.

Every new outright or planned gift to the Museum’s Endowment Fund will be matched by 10%, with a maximum of $25,000 per gift, through the establishment of a bequest of up to $1 million. Documented planned gifts for which amounts have not yet been disclosed also qualify.

Join the Lazowski Family Legacy Challenge before February 15, 2023, to increase your impact and become a vital member of the Legacy of Light Society. Your commitment ensures that the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum can fulfill its mission for years to come. By making a planned gift to the Museum, you join a dedicated group of supporters who value those we serve and the work we do.

Yes, I want to keep Holocaust memory alive.

Yes, I want to keep Holocaust memory alive.

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“My parents taught me the lessons of the Holocaust and instilled in me the importance of fighting against hate. We are proud to come together as a family through this Legacy Challenge, which we hope will inspire others to become champions of human dignity.”

—Alan B. Lazowski

Jonah Lazowski, Jesse Lazowski, Marcia Lazowski, Alan B. Lazowski, Ruth Lazowski, and Rabbi Philip Lazowski.

Take the Challenge Today

With your deferred or outright gift to the Museum’s Endowment, let us recognize your enduring commitment in the 30th Anniversary edition of the Legacy of Light Guardians commemorative publication.

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